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Meet the Principal

Cristina Segura

Welcome to Esperanza Elementary. We are a dual language school and we are proud of the work we do to foster bilingualism and biliteracy. Our ultimate goal is to have all students complete 5th grade as proud bilingual and biliterate critical thinkers.  Research shows that “ The simultaneous development of home language AND English promote literacy overall as skills transfer across the two languages.” (Olsen, 2010)

I have been working at Esperanza Elementary since 2009 and during that time I have had many roles including classroom teacher, instructional coach ,and now Principal.  Esperanza has always been a welcoming and warm school environment where families, students, and teachers work together to ensure the academic success of each student. We firmly believe in supporting language development for all language learners. In order to do achieve this we use a dual language curriculum school wide that incorporates complex text and differentiation opportunities for all students.  Furthermore, we consistently use data to group students strategically to support them with their needs in literacy and math.  We also work hard to ensure students reclassify prior to leaving Esperanza.

Our teachers are hard working and have high expectations for all students because they firmly believe that all students can reach their growth goals.  Teachers work collaboratively with their partner teacher to ensure a dual language experience for students.  Most students at Esperanza will experience having an English teacher and a Spanish teacher. They will switch between the two teachers and will get different subjects based on language.  Welcome to our school. We have an open door policy and want to work in partnership with all families for the success of all children.